Clothes for a Life Time

In the world saturated with infinitive trend copies, countless generic brands and mass production with extremely short circuit of clothing life, Lemiché seeks to add meaning and value to each designed piece. Innovative design, carefully selected materials of the highest quality, local controlled production and extreme attention to details, Lemiché aims to create timeless garments that would last a life time.

Wearable Tradition

Nowadays one rarely has opportunity to learn and appreciate the details and beauty of traditional craftsmanship and rich cultural history behind it. Even more rarely one has occasion to wear traditional clothing without the appropriate context. Lemiché aims to bring a piece of wearable history to its customers by incorporating authentic and carefully researched traditional textiles from all around the world.


Each garment is designed having in mind the challenges that modern women have to face in their daily busy life. Therefore, the focus of the design for each clothing piece is more than beauty and sophistication, it is also versatility, fit and comfort, so that Lemiché clothing can be appropriate and transformable for the variety of the occasions and accesorised accordingly to one's desires.