It is said that Margilan, one of the most ancient cities of Uzbekistan, has been founded by Alexander the Great and became known for the most beautiful silk produced in Central Asia. “Abrband” - “tying a cloud” in Persian - is the most ancient way to create beautiful "abra" or "ikat" fabrics by resist-dyeing the threads before the fabric is woven.

The MARGILAN collection features stunning hand-dyed and hand-woven ikat fabrics made of cotton weft and silk warp, which are called “adras”, “bekasab”, “pasma” or “banoras” depending on the fiber ratio and the design of the pattern.

The airy, flowing and relaxed shapes of the MARGILAN collection are created by complementing the colorful ikat textiles with the light and luxurious silk fabrics of the highest quality, such as chiffon and organza, made by the best Italian mills.