One with Nature

This July the beautiful and amazingly talented traveler Melissa Teng from @witandfolly has taken us to the breathtaking Glacier National Park in Montana´s Rocky Mountains on the northern border of US and Canada. If instead of going to fancy resorts this summer you are looking to disconnect, to leave for a while the busy city life, to be one with nature - this is the place to go. 

Over thousand and a half square miles of pristine lakes, valleys and mountains with glacier-carved peaks - here you can forget all your troubles and clear your head. From someone owning a business that does not really have any holidays nor weekends, believe me - I wish I could go more often to such beautiful places with no internet or phone connection. 

One with Nature - Melissa Teng @witandfolly

There are over 700 miles of hiking trails winding through the picturesque mountain slopes and passing by beautiful clear cristal lakes. And although it is a real wilderness environment, camping is not the only option to stay there. In fact, the available accommodations in the park vary from historic grand hotels like from a movie to cozy romantic cabins. It is best to reserve any of the park´s lodging in advance, especially during summer months.

If you want to get a scope on all the wonders of the park, you can start by taking the Going-to-the-Sun Road that connects east and west sides through the very middle of the territory. Arriving by this road to the west side you will see one of the most beautiful places in the park - the valley of the great Lake McDonald with spectacular sights, very diverse plant and animals life and several historic chalets and lodges.

Glacier National Park

If you drive by car from the east in summer, you definitely should plan to stop at the Logan Pass to see mountain goats, bighorn sheep, and the occasional grizzly bears lumbering through the fields of wildflowers that cover the ground below Reynolds and Clements Mountains. However, this are might get a bit crowded during the high season. But if you´d like to enjoy the nature in complete isolation and without any modern conveniences, you could make some preparations and drive to the remote and beautiful North Fork in the northwest corner of the park.  

Glacier National Park is truly an amazing place and we are so humbled to see one of our pieces surrounded by such marvelous scenery, all thanks to wonderful Melissa. The truth is that you can actually spend hours looking through Melissa´s Instagram feed @witandfolly, she has been to so many amazing places and she always skillfully manages to capture the magical essence of each one of them. 

One with Nature - Melissa Teng @witandfolly

Melissa also doesn´t stop at sharing just her beautiful pictures with her followers. Almost every day you will read an inspirational story behind every photo, an advice for the fellow travelers or a professional tip on photo editing - a special skill that Melissa uses to create her always so whimsical worlds caught by the camera.

Follow Melissa and us on Instagram and share in the comments below what are the next amazing places on your list to visit!


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