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Escape to the Blooming Paradise

All seasons are good in Spain, but spring is the best. And in Catalonia (of which our beloved Barcelona is the capital) it comes in the surreal rose color covering everything till the horizon. The endless fields of blossoming peach trees can be a definite rival to sakura (Japanese cherry blossom) wonder. 

And this spring our beautiful local ambassador and traveler Brigitte Desanne (@alittleblondeinparadise) has featured our silk palazzo pants in the gorgeous setting of Aitona orchards - a true spring blooming paradise.

Aitona, Catalunya, Spain

If you are visiting Catalonia in March, Aitona should be on you list. It is a small town in the province of Lleida, but despite the size it has quite rich cultural, historical and archaeological heritage. You can plan to pass by several archaeological sites like Geno Village and ruins of the Aitona Castle on the way to the orchards, but the main attraction will be still outside the city walls (or rather their ruins).  

One of the best way to explore and enjoy the sweetly-scented fruit orchards is to refer to the locally organized tours supported by local farmers and community. Start with the Route of Sierra Brisa to see everything of the beautiful Aitona landscape from the highest vantage point. Then you can continue to the most beautiful The Peach Tree Pink Blossom Route accompanied by a local farmer, who will explain and show every detail of what it takes to create this delicately pink blooming paradise. This route includes a bus ride to the orchards and then concluded by a visit to all Aitona´s historical sites as a bonus. 

Pro tip: take the very last (and shorter) tour to the orchard at sunset to get the most stunning pictures for your Instagram!Brigitte Desanne @alittleblondinparadise

And of course it is not only about the fruit blossoms, you shouldn´t leave Aitona without tasting the local cuisine largely based on the produce of that beautiful orchards. Local restaurants offer a variety of creative culinary creations with local peaches as the base - peach "coca de recapte" and peach wine are among the most famous.

And don´t forget to get some peach preserves from a local market to enjoy at home for your next breakfast!

What are your favorite places in springtime? Share some tips with us in the comments below!

And don´t forget to follow Brigitte not to miss her stunning pictures from her adventures! 




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