The 1001 Mysteries of Uzbekistan

Not many people outside of the adjacent areas know much about Uzbekistan. In fact, the further you travel west, the less people would even know where Uzbekistan is located. The astounding obscurity of this land is even more surprising considering how rich it is not only in historical events and stunning ancient architecture, but also in fascinating culture and one of the best cuisine in Central Asia.

Kalân Mosque (Masjid-i Kalân)

In Uzbekistan you can truly disconnect from the modern hectic world and almost feel like you had traveled back in time, right into the "Arabian Nights" tales. In almost any major city you can find yourself surrounded by magnificent architecture with such elaborate and colorful ornaments that they hardly seem real, much less over several centuries old.

The extremely well preserved and maintained mausoleums and mosques in Uzbekistan are considered to be among the most beautiful and important in Islamic world.

But even without specific significance, any outsider would find the never before experienced peace here, yet blissfully untouched by mass tourism, and lose him or herself in the breath-taking beauty. 

Poi Kalon Ensemble, Bukhara

Taking in all the grand architecture of the cities, it is even more surprising to find that the people living below and among all that unattainable magnificence are in fact some of the most open and warmest nations in the world. They like to and know how to enjoy simple things in life, they cook the most delicious food and still, even in modern self-centered times, they would often invite travelling strangers to their home to rest and share a meal. 

It is very easy to meet people and dive into the local culture just by wondering the streets, stopping by the local markets or enjoying a nice cup of tea at the open-air chaikhana (tea house).

UNESCO – Itchan KalaThe mysterious beauty of Uzbekistan does not diminish, but rather grows in its magnitude outside of the city limits. The country has an astonishing variety of landscapes and landforms. The endless and mesmerizing red sands of Kyzylkum desert changes into blossoming fruit valleys, wast clouds-like white cotton fields and cristal clear celeste lakes surrounded by the snowy mountains easily challenging the tallest minarets on the horizon. 

desert sunset, uzbekistan

Over the centuries the Uzbek land witnessed uncountable amount of major historical events, the rise and fall of the greatest empires of Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and Amir Timur (or Tamerlane), some of the most devastating wars and creation of many significant cultural and scientific hallmarks. For many centuries up to modern times, Uzbekistan was one of the main cross-roads of civilizations and one of the most important stop for wealthy caravans on the legendary Silk Road trade network routes.

Today, Uzbekistan is one of the yet-untrampled and by the digital world widely-undiscovered by the digital world pearls for any keen traveler, who could enjoy its beauty in a blest peace and receive a warm welcome from the local people.

Charvak, Yusuphona

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