BEHIND THE SCENES: Traditional Textiles from Japan

BEHIND THE SCENES: Traditional Textiles from Japan

It is such a shame that there is no occasions on which non-Japanese person could wear the gorgeous kimono fabrics with such rich history and tradition. Of course, one can admire them from a distance or, in the best case, in a museum, but the craftsmanship is appreciated better in use, which in turn helps to preserve and nurture it. However, we believe that by bringing such traditional fabrics into modern design we could help re-discover these almost forgotten treasures for the rest of the world, as well as support centuries of skillful mastery and tradition.

For the Japanese Fusion collection we have selected and imported several exquisite kimono fabrics of pure silk, which were dyed and painted by the traditional techniques in Japan... 

We have chosen various types of silk fabrics, such as textured chirimen silk, the weaving technique of which was invented over 500 years ago, as well as smooth and lustrous kinsha silk, which is more popular for summer kimonos. In particular, we have selected fabrics with elaborate patterns of traditional scenery and vibrant colors, that together have very special cultural significance. 

Every fabric has unique hand made pattern and is one of a kind, which make the collection unique and reproduction impossible...



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