BEHIND THE SCENES: In-house Tailoring

The creating process of our collection is quite different from the majority of the known mainstream brands and we are happy to unveil some details of our daily work! All our collections are produced exclusively in-house and only in limited quantities due to the specificity and rarity of the traditional fabrics used. The rest of the materials, such as other fabrics and notions, we source only locally, from the best Spanish and Italian manufacturers, most of which have over hundred years of experience. 

The elaborate and non-repetitive patterns of the traditional fabrics make our every garment special and one of a kind...

Only after receiving all the selected fabrics and trims, we proceed to elaborate final patterns for our designs, so that they will correspond perfectly with the respective designs of the traditional textiles. Every completed set of patterns for a garment is then tested for the most optimum fit and adjusted if needed. Most of our garments are produced only after receiving customer´s order in a requested size, which, however, only takes few days due to our efficient and passionate in-house team. 

The in-house tailoring give us an advantage of producing garment specifically upon requests of our customers, which allows for customization and exclusivity of each garment...

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